Water Softener Services in Minneapolis- St. Paul

Hard water is a common issue in the greater Twin Cities area. Protect your home with a water softener installation from HomePro Plumbing!

Water is a part of your daily life. From shower to washing clothes, and even cooking, you want to be sure your Minneapolis-St. Paul home has access to a reliable supply of clean and impurity-free water. However, many homes in the area are dealing with hard water and may not even realize it. This mineral-rich water can stain your fixtures, clog your plumbing, and can even dry out your skin. At HomePro Plumbing, we have an effective solution to get your home protected - water softeners. These easy to install systems can quickly break down hard water minerals and soften the water you use on a daily basis.

If hard water isn’t what’s affecting your home, we also offer other home filtration systems that can work to keep your water quality high.

How Does a Whole-Home Water Softener Work?

Unlike traditional water filtration systems that use permeable filters to trap debris, water softeners work at a molecular level. Because hard water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium, it can be tough to trap them in a filter. Instead, a water softener uses resin beads to break down those minerals and soften your water in the process.

These large tanks are connected directly to your water main and filter water entering your home. As the water passes through the resin beads, the hard water minerals are attracted to those molecules and effectively removed from the water.

Do You Have Hard Water?

Generally, when determining what type of water quality issues you have in your home, it’s always a good idea to test the water. However, when it comes to hard water, it should be easy to detect if something is wrong. Some common signs you have hard water can include:

  • Spots & Stains: The minerals in hard water can eat away at porcelain and fixtures. If there is a ring in the toilet, spots on your dishes, or stains on your faucets, hard water may be to blame.
  • Water Pressure Issues: As hard water passes through your plumbing, it can leave mineral deposits on your pipes. These deposits are known as hard water scale. Eventually, it can become severe enough that it stops the flow of water completely, lowering your water pressure in the process.
  • Irritation: For some, hard water can dry out your hair and skin. Eventually, it can get severe enough to lead to irritation, which can truly make showering or using water in your home uncomfortable.
  • Water Quality: Hard water has a tendency to have a cloudy appearance or foul odor. Because you use water so often, it should be easy to detect.

If any of these issues sound familiar, then it may be time to consider a whole house water softener service. And if you already have a unit installed in your home but these symptoms are starting to return, then your unit may be damaged or in need of service or a salt refill. As one of the more trusted waters softener repair companies in Minneapolis and St. Paul, you can count on our staff to effectively troubleshoot your unit and get your water filtered again in no time.

Hard water can cause clogs and damage appliances. Be sure to ask our technicians to inspect your water heater and determine if a replacement is needed.

Your Whole-Home Water Softener Installation Experts

At HomePro Plumbing, we can help with your water softener installation project. Not only can we check your water quality concerns, but also we help you find the best unit based on your home size, budget, and existing plumbing system. Our Minneapolis-St. Paul plumbers will also help you with upkeep and maintenance and ensure you have the right salts and are refilling the tank at the appropriate intervals.

Don’t let hard water damage the plumbing in your Minneapolis-St. Paul area home. Call HomePro Plumbing at 612-421-7422 and learn more about our water softener service today!