Water Leak Detection in Minneapolis- St. Paul

Find those tricky water leaks and protect your home with expert service from HomePro Plumbing, trusted plumbers in the greater Twin Cities area!

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Most homeowners have seen leaks around faucets and toilets, but they may not realize how much damage they may be causing. Not only can water damage lead to mold and mildew growth, but that wasted water is also raising your utility costs too! At HomePro Plumbing, our goal is to keep Minneapolis-St. Paul homeowners leak free! We can locate even the toughest leaks and get a long-lasting repair that ensures proper water flow throughout your home.

Excess pressure is often a cause for leaks and pipe damage in your home. Be sure to ask about our routine drain cleaning service, and keep your pipes flowing for years to come.

Common Signals of a Water Leak

In many cases, water leaks can be hard to find, especially when they’re behind walls or under flooring. However, it’s still important to know warning signs in order to prevent extensive water damage to your home. This can include:

  • Rising Utility Costs: An easy way to tell water is leaking is by checking your utility costs. If your water consumption is on the rise, but your daily habits haven’t changed, this could mean water is leaking at all times.
  • Hot or Cold Spots on Floor: When a water leak is under the flooring in your home, you may notice hot or cold spots on the floor. While a warm spot can be nice, especially during the winter months, it’s often an indication that the hot water line is compromised.
  • Constant Sound of Running Water: Do you hear your toilet running even when no one is using it? The constant sound of running water is a clear sign that water is still flowing.
  • Stains or Water Damage: Water can damage baseboards, drywall, and even your ceiling. Look out for yellow staining, discoloration, or warped floorboards as this could all indicate a water leak.

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Of course, if you find a pool of water in your Minneapolis-St. Paul home, it’s a clear indication there’s a leak. They often happen around fixtures, behind toilets, or near appliances like your water heater, so be on the lookout for any pooling water and protect your home from damage.

How Leak Detection Is Done

As a trusted plumber in the greater Twin Cities area, you can count on us for efficient leak detection service. In most cases, our plumbers will start with a visual inspection. This includes checking your appliances, water line connections, and your water meter as well.

From there, our plumbers will either use a dig and drill method, where they excavate in certain locations to find a leak or use other testing methods like camera inspections or acoustic devices that can “hear” leaks behind walls and flooring.

Once the leak is found, we can offer you a range of water leak repair options to get your plumbing back in working order and up to current code.

Finding plumbing issues in your system can be tough. That’s why we also use sewer video inspections to safely and accurately locate issues in the deepest sections of your plumbing.

Your Leak Repair Pros

No matter the location or size of your water leak issue, you can count on our plumbing experts to get the job done. At HomePro Plumbing, we use the latest technology to ensure an accurate water leak repair. Additionally, we always test our work before leaving your home to ensure there are no other compromised pipes in your system. And because we know that water leaks can be damaging to your home, we also offer same-day service to ensure you don’t wait around for help!

No matter the location of your water leak, you can trust our Minneapolis, MN plumbers to help! Call 612- 421-7422 to schedule an accurate and reliable water leak detection service.