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The True Cost of Not Repairing Common Plumbing Issues

Lots of homeowners gripe about high repair costs when it comes to the plumbing trade. However, many people don’t consider the cost of not repairing certain common plumbing problems. While the plumbing in your home is safe, it has the potential to cost a lot of money with wasted water and cause extensive damage to your home. Taking care of seemingly harmless plumbing problems will put you ahead in most cases.

Water leaks are often overlooked when it comes to plumbing repairs. A single leaking faucet can waste tens of thousands of gallons of water over the course of a year, costing you hundreds in wasted water. Additionally, a pipe leak can cause moisture to accumulate in an unseen area that can ruin walls, cabinets, and floors with mold and water damage.

As water heaters age, they become less efficient. Whether your water heater is running off of electric or gas it will slowly cost more to operate as it ages. A new hot water tank installation allows you to start saving money immediately on utility bills.

Drain clogs never go away on their own. When a drain clog gets so bad that it won’t allow water to flow, it becomes more difficult to repair. Performing routine drain cleaning cleans the walls of your pipes so that you never have to deal with emergency drain clog service.

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Tips For Replacing Your Water Heater

A typical hot water tank is expected to last 10to 12 years. After this time, it will become less efficient at heating water and more likely to spring a leak. Hot water tank repair bills will also climb from unexpected repairs. By replacing your hot water tank preemptively, you can prevent damage that can occur from an old hot water tank.

When deciding to upgrade it is important to know your options. Some homeowners prefer electric hot water heaters while others prefer gas hot water heaters. Depending on what your home is able to support, you may only have the option to upgrade your existing style.

Tankless water heaters are getting a lot of attention these days. Tankless water heaters provide instant and endless hot water and they are cheaper to operate than a hot water tank. If you are considering upgrading, be sure to talk to our experts at HomePro Plumbing.

Keep your plumbing systems working better for longer with our HomePro Protection Plan. Be sure to ask us about it on your next service call!

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning is not necessarily a DIY project. For the untrained, drain cleaning can cause damage to your drains and subsequently other parts of your home. Dangerous chemicals are not recommended for drain cleaning since they can often do more harm than good and usually don’t fix the problem anyway.

At HomePro Plumbing, we are the drain cleaning experts. Whether a drain is totally plugged or just running slow, we have methods to fix it. When we perform a clogged drain repair we will leave it in like-new condition with a process called hydro jetting. This technology cleans the inside of the pipes of residual build-up that contributes to frequent clogs. Restart the clock on your drains by having the pros at HomePro Plumbing perform our professional drain cleaning for you.

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